Automated Customer Engagement

One of the benifits of having a current customer list, is being able to reach out and make contact with your customers on a regular basis so that they never forget the services that you offer, and they keep you at the top of their minds when the need for your service arrives.


A serious word of caution here:  by joining your Birthday Club, VIP Club or whatever you named your list, your customers have giving you premission to send your advertising directly to their phone via text message.  DO NOT ABUSE THIS PRIVILAGE!  A happy customer can become a very angry customer pretty fast if you send them messages everyday.  Please do not do that.

The next thing I caution you aginst is "giving away the house".  Every message that you send to your list does not have to be a sale, discount, or freebie.  In fact I encourage you to limit those things to once a month or once every two months.  That way when a customer gets a limited time mobile coupon that has a timer counting down, they know that they better take advantage now because it might be a month or two before they get that opportunity again!

So you might be asking yourself, "if I am not going to be sending mobile coupons, and sales text every week what will I be sending?"   That's a good question, glad you asked.

As stated earlier, the main point of all of this is the stay engaged with your customers.  Let them see your face, your name or your business logo a few times a month.  As an alternative to giving away the house with discounts and sales, send your customers uplifting messages, holiday greetings, motivational quotes, etc.  Just something short and thoughful once every two weeks.  The good thing is that all of this can be 100% automated in the system.  The messages can be created up to a year in advance and can be scheduled to go out automatically.


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