My Story

I was a small business owner faced with the challange of trying to market a business with no money.

I knew that I needed to advertise in order to attract new customers, but the lack of an advertisment budget didn't leave me many options, so I had to find a way to get the word out without spending thousands of dollars a month that I didn't have.  I tried every low budget / no budget method that I could think of, and to a point I had moderate success.

My go to for advertising in those days was to put up "bandit signs" on phone polls all around the city advertising family reunion t-shirts.  I would go out every night and hang signs for hours, then the next day while I was at my "real" job, I would get calls from interested people.  Then I would have to schedule time to meet with them, usually in the evenings when I got of work.  If the meeting went well, I would go back to my garage print shop and start working on the order. 

On a typical order, I had to layout a design, burn it into the screen, let it dry, then prepare the screen for printing.  It would then take me a few hours to print the order, then I would pack it up and deliver it.  Once the order was delivered and paid for, I would have to start the process all over again, including hanging bandit signs because during the time that I met with the customer and delivered the order, the city workers would tare down all of my signs.  It was a constant struggle to keep enough signs up to keep work coming in.  I always felt like I was being pulled in opposite directions and never had time for anything else.I knew I had to find a better way to promote my business that would not be so time consuming and it had to be affordable. 

I wish I could tell you that something amazing happened and overnight I figured it all out, but that's not what happened.  I started learning everything I could about advertising and marketing a business that limited resoruces.  During that time my quest for knowledge became an obsession because I knew that other businesses were facing the same challanges that I was, and if I could find an answer that worked, I would be much happier being a Marketing Consultant and helping other business owners avoid the pain that I was feeling.

I started finding ways to effectively advertise on a small budget in ways that would not be time consuming and would not break the bank.  I started putting together a wide variety of tools that business owners could either implement themselves or even better, pay me to implement for them.  I quickly learned that no one tools fit every business.  It was at that point that my current business started to take focus.  

In addition to my love of advertising and marketing, I have over 37 years of experience in IT as a Network Engineer and a programming hack.  I knew that if I combined my favorite two things, that I could offer a unique set of services that would be valuable to business owners who struggled with promoting their business.  By combining marketing ideas that are designed to increase customer retention and spending frequency with affordable technology, most businesses can incrase their business visibility and cashflow, while spending less time and in some cases less money.

I encourage you to take a look at the services that I offer and hopefully you will give me an opportunity to show you where and how I can help your business.



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